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Ricky Gervais Urges People To Boycott SeaWorld, Defends Dolphin Intelligence

Actor and longtime animal advocate Ricky Gervais has joined an ever-growing list of celebrities who have come out against SeaWorld and other marine parks. The comedian took to Twitter to express his disgust:

An outspoken supporter of animal rights, Gervais has used his massive influence to publicize animal issues in the past. In an interview with the Guardian last April, he noted that animal cruelty is "the only thing that really depresses [him]." When asked when he last cried, he offered this heartwarming anecdote:

Over a YouTube clip about animals. "Laboratory animals see sunlight for the first time", or "elephant mourns his best friend the goat". I watch something like that every day and I'm always in pieces.

Gervais also recently did a great deed for animals: he symbolically adopted a moon bear on a bear bile farm-turned-sanctuary taken over by Animals Asia in Nanning, China. He named the bear Derek, after his recent TV show.

You can find a list of other celebrities who've argued against SeaWorld and marine parks here.