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The 10 Best Ricky Gervais Tweets About Animals

Some people are animal sanctuaries unto themselves, with hearts a thousand acres deep.

An even rarer human being has the Twitter followers to match.

That's how British comedian Ricky Gervais has managed to save thousands of animals, often approaching a serious, even brutal subject with unlikely wit - and changing how millions of us engage with animals.

Think we're stretching it little? Consider that just one of his tweets is credited with saving 650 starving and abused dogs.

Or that we seem to round up his most potent tweets every other day.

Well, that's because his tweets have legs. And hearts and souls. And now, a hero.

Here's 10 recent reasons to love Ricky Gervais.

He's a cat person.

No, seriously, he's really into cats.

He sweats the big things.

And the little things.

He's got more testicular fortitude than any bullfighter.

Warning: Graphic

He keeps it simple.

... and sometimes salty.

... and sometimes even saltier.

Thanks Ricky, and...