Ricky Gervais Shares Sweetest Tribute To Cat Who Passed Away

In their private moments snuggling in bed, cats see a side of their owners that nobody else in the world ever will, and that's probably for the best. But when you're Ricky Gervais, animal advocate and television star, you share those moments on Facebook, because they're hilarious and they make people happy.

On Thursday, Gervais shared a video of him playing with his cat of yesteryear.

"15 Years ago," Gervais captioned the video. "Before Ollie, there was Colin." Watch it below.

"Do something," Gervais tells Colin, who just stares past the camera. That doesn't stop Gervais from trying to engage him in lively conversation.

Gervais gives Colin feedback on his acting technique - no response. Colin even ignores Gervais when he calls his name 11 times in a row.

"Just got back from BBC, meeting Kirsty Wark from Newsnight [and] Richard Curtis. That's the sort of people I hang out with now, Colin. What do you think?" Gervais asks his silent cat, and then imagines an answer for him. "Huh? They're alright. Don't snag 'em off."

Colin passed away several years ago, but Gervais did a fine job of honoring his life by sharing this video of the good times they had together.

Nowadays, it's his current cat Ollie who makes frequent appearances on Gervais' Facebook and Instagram, often accompanied by a witty caption from the comedian.

Gervais doesn't only love his own pets; he's advocated for many other animals over the years. Check out more stories on him from The Dodo below.

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