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Ricky Gervais Continues To Be A $%*#! Masterpiece Of Humanity

Ricky Gervais tweets his heart out - even if it's often bold, brash and sometimes not-entirely-recommended-for-children.

It's the kind of heart we could all use a little more of, though. Because it beats for animals.

This week, the 54-year-old comedian was lauded at the Daily Mirror's Animal Hero Awards, where he was given an award for Outstanding Contribution to Animal Welfare.

Most of those contributions, he admits, come at the click of a mouse - and flick of a rather acerbic wit. But there's little doubt, this man saves lives.

"It's great, it's amazing," Gervais told the Mirror after the ceremony. "I almost started crying immediately."

The accolade, he added, was also kind of embarrassing, in light of the downright dangerous heroics of animal activists outside of social media.

"There are people that really do stuff and go out there and risk their lives and stuff," he said. "I do feel this is a tweeting award."

But the modest comedian may be selling himself short. Armed with the compound bow of celebrity, his arrows reach some 10 million followers on Twitter.

His targets - people who make the lives of animals miserable - can attest to their sharpness.

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The Animal Hero Awards is an annual prize, co-presented by the British newspaper and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Its mission?

To "recognise and celebrate the most inspiring examples of bravery, dedication and resilience in the animal world."

What makes the Animal Hero Awards particularly unique is that little distinction is made between human and animal recipients.

Last year, for example, guitarist Brian May of the iconic rock group Queen picked up an award for Celebrity Animal Supporter of the Year.

And an 11-year-old springer spaniel named Henry, whose incredible story can be read here, earned the award for Hero Animal of the Year.

Animal Hero Awards

Animal Hero Awards

This year, it comes as little surprise to find Gervais joining the ranks of quality human beings. He's been a defender of the furred and the feathered for years, with trophy hunters frequently earning his ire.

Earlier this month, Gervais was praised for simply retweeting a message from an overwhelmed, desperate animal shelter in Romania. That tweet, however, reached millions, and may have saved the lives of hundreds of starving dogs.

And he's a passionate champion for SeaWorld's mistreated orcas.

Indeed, his tweets have more than just heart. They have feet, moving millions to rethink their relationship with animals. And, thanks to this good human, they also have a resounding voice.

Sing it, Mr. Gervais.