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Rhinos Without Borders

RHINOS WITHOUT BORDERS - Hi Guys... This is vital & as much as we all help lions....we need to help our rhino too! This is a project that Captured In Africa will support 100%, so you will be seeing many posts in the future with regards to Rhino's Without Borders! It would be fantastic if you guys all came on this journey with me & lets see if we can help raise some funds to support this...!! Below Dereck explains briefly how this project has come about! Would you guys be so kind as to share to get as much awareness out there as possible? I would be eternally grateful.... Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond have partnered up with Trevolta, a crowd-funding site that helps raise funds for travellers, and now rhinos. Explaining the partnership Dereck Joubert, CEO of Great Plains Conservation, says "An important and exciting day for rhinos today. As you know we are moving 100 rhinos to secure locations in Botswana as a collective effort with our friends in conservation and in tourism operations. Rhinos Without Borders is a joint venture with wildlife officials in Botswana, a sanctioned and valid project. Each rhino is going to cost us about $45,000 to move and this is beyond the reach of most of us, so Jolene one of the young editors who works for us came up with a new concept and spoke to "Trevolta" a crowd funding group that raise sponsorship money for people who want to travel for a cause but can't afford it. Well we have some rhinos who want to travel for a cause too (their safety) but have a different ‘currency' to what we need, so the Trevolta team embraced it. The great thing about Trevolta is that you can donate as little as $1 or as much as you like. There's rewards for donations, but the real reward is an emotional one: saving rhinos. These rhinos need your help and this is one way to do that without breaking your bank account. Conservation is now in the hands of many, not just governments and wealthy donors, because the future of wildlife is on all our hands. This is a ground-breaking way to fund a major initiative and get involved. I'd love you to take a look and send it to as many friends as you can. Collectively we can do this." Watch Dereck and Beverly Joubert's short video introduction to this project (above). I also urge you to visit the Trevolta site to donate and share to your friends, colleagues or clients: This is crowd-funding after all! Thank you in advance for your support.