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Zookeepers Forced To Flee As Rhino Breaks Through His Cage

Here's more proof that no creature wants to be captive.

Keepers at the Emmen Zoo, in the Netherlands, were thrown into a panic on Thursday after a rhino exerted his incredible strength in a desperate attempt to escape. The agitated animal was in the process of being transported to another zoo inside a small caged crate when he suddenly burst through one of the thick metal bars keeping him in.

Footage from the dramatic incident shows zoo staff fleeing in terror.

Despite his efforts, the rhino was ultimately secured in the confining crate and moved to the new facility.

This isn't the first time a zoo rhino has expressed his desire to not be locked up. Last year, three rhinos from at the Ramat Gan Safari in Tel Aviv were more successful in their bid for freedom. After a security guard fell asleep on the job, leaving open two gates meant to hold them in, the trio actually managed to escape, briefly enjoying life unconfined before they were caught.

It should come as no surprise that rhinos aren't always happy captives. They, like many animals commonly held in zoos, are forced to suppress their natural instincts to wander and explore.