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Forgive me for posting this horrible story, but the bigger the reward the better chance there is to get this subhuman off the street. Thanks for taking the time, and having the heart, to read it.

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- There's new information in a heartbreaking case of animal cruelty. A local family's blind beagle was found dead in their backyard with its head missing. The story is getting attention from all over the country and the reward money in this case is pouring in. Libby was blind, deaf and 14 years old."Never let her blindness you know, slow her down any," said her owner Dennis Morrow.

Last Thursday, Morrow found Libby decapitated in the back yard. He says the family's other two dogs, Niko and Einstein haven't been the same since. "They were out when it took place," Morrow said. "They saw everything." Libby's horrific story has been seen all across the country. "I'm getting calls from Arkansas, Texas, Wyoming," said Joann Hager with the Tri-County Animal Rescue. "You name it and there's somebody calling and they're all wanting to chip in." They're chipping in, to the reward money fund started by Tri-County Animal Rescue for anyone who comes forward with information on who killed Libby.

So far, they've raised $11,300. "The love people have shown for Libby," Morrow said. "Is unreal." "It also shows how important peoples' pets are to them," said Judy Fiddler with the animal rescue. "They really are members of the family." But Dennis' wife Shirley says the reward money needs to bring results and resolve the case. "I don't want to see anyone else's animal, or child, go through this," Shirley Morrow said.

To donate you can go to the Tri-County Animal Rescue website tcar.us.