Rescuers Peek Into Abandoned Shed And Find Entire Family Huddled Inside

“What happened next was truly magical …”

Alone and very pregnant, a gentle pig named Noelle recently found herself in search of a safe place to birth her babies. With the clock ticking, the soon-to-be mother went with the best option she could find.

“Noelle had to settle for a tiny, disused tin shed on what appeared to be an abandoned farm,” Edgar’s Mission wrote in a Facebook post.

Carefully, the crafty pig fashioned a nest from pieces of fabric she found lying around the shed. Then, she prepared to welcome her babies into the world. When a Good Samaritan happened to pass by and saw what was going on, they knew this little family needed help. Soon, rescuers from Edgar’s Mission were on their way, ready to give Noelle and her newborns the sanctuary they so desperately needed.

pig in a shed
Facebook/Edgar's Mission

Loving Noelle watched intently as rescuers transported her babies to safety. Rescuers were so moved by how attentive Noelle was. It was clear that she cared for the comfort and well-being of her little ones.

“What happened next was truly magical,” Edgar’s Mission wrote in the post. “Nosing about in the straw for just the right place to lie, Noelle’s snout found what she thought was the perfect spot. But, as she began to lay down, the squeaking of one little wayward piglet told her not [to]. Noelle was then quickly to her trotters and snouting the little one out of the way, revisiting her place to lie. Offering a ‘nff nff’ of satisfaction, her body softly descended, concertina-like, to her perfectly fashioned nest.”

pig with piglets

Sheltered at Edgar’s Mission, Noelle no longer has to worry about finding food and warmth. The grateful pig can focus all her energy on her new family.

pig with piglets
Facebook/Edgar's Mission

Edgar’s Mission staff continue to be amazed by Noelle and her family’s heartwarming story. With the holiday season well underway, Noelle’s tale feels like a uniquely magical miracle.

“The sight of seven cherub-like pink piglets and a little black and pink one, all vying for a teat, which they would soon claim as their own, was a Christmas joy beyond compare,” Edgar’s Mission wrote in the post. “And it more than compensated for our late-night dash.”

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