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These Wallabies Keep Bringing Their Babies To Meet The Woman Who Rescued Them

"As much as I love them, knowing they are going back to the wild is the biggest reward."

Reddit user Retaboop has spent the past seven years rescuing and rehabilitating injured animals in Australia. The animal she works with the most are wallabies - and they're always so thankful for everything that she does for them.

The kind Australian woman volunteers for a local rescue, and whenever the group has an injured animal in need, staffers give her a call. Wallabies are her specialty. The wallabies she takes in are usually orphaned babies, and so she cares for them and helps raise them until they're old enough to be released back into the wild.

Once they've been released, many of the wallabies never forget the woman who saved their lives, and the female wallabies especially love to come back and show off how well they're doing - and even introduce the woman to their new babies, or as she likes to call them, her "grandwallabies."

Recently, one of the wallabies the woman raised, a girl named Jill, brought her new baby boy, Jockey, for her adopted mom to meet.

Retaboop thinks the female wallabies come back to visit for several reasons.

"One is that they know this is a safe place, so they feel safe bringing their joeys here," Retaboop commented on a post she made on Reddit. "I will also give them food while they're here, and they like treats. They sometimes shelter here when it's cold and wet. And also, female wallabies tend to stick around a 'home' area, while the males disperse."

The woman grows to love these wallabies like her own children, and loves when they come back to visit so she can see how well they're doing, and how happy they are in their new lives.

"As much as I love them, knowing they are going back to the wild is the biggest reward," Retaboop wrote. "Besides, there's always another baby to be raised."