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Rescued Pit Bull Is So Scared Of Everyone Except Her Own Baby

When AJ was first rescued, she was so scared and refused to leave her cage.

AJ (short for Apple Jacks) and her baby, Tuttle, were brought into a Texas shelter in rough shape. AJ had mange and other skin infections, and appeared to have been bred many times, despite having only one baby left. No one is sure what happened to the others.

Both pit bulls had worms, and AJ was terrified of just about everything.

Vet Ranch, an organization that rescues and treats animals in Texas, pulled the mother-son duo from the shelter and immediately set about treating them. Their medical issues were pretty straightforward, and it was AJ's emotional issues that seemed more challenging.

"She is terrified, but she's such a good girl," Dr. Karri of Vet Ranch said in a video about the pair. "She's such a good mom, which is crazy that with everything her body's going through she's still raising this nice little plump puppy who's doing fine."

AJ couldn't be treated for mange until Tuttle was weaned from her, and so in the meantime, they set about treating her other issues - and helping her overcome her fears.

Over the course of only a few weeks, both dogs began to change drastically, both in looks and personality.

Little Tuttle grew ...

... and grew ...

... and eventually, his mom started to warm up to the world a little bit.

After two weeks, AJ had begun to grow some of her hair back, and was even learning how to love the world around her. Her foster family said she'd learned to be affectionate and playful, and it seemed she would have no issues finding a wonderful family to love her.

The pups were spayed and neutered - and then finally ready to be put up for adoption. AJ and Tuttle have overcome their issues, and seem to be so excited about their brand new lives.

If you're interested in adopting AJ or Tuttle, you can contact Vet Ranch to learn more.

Check out the full video about AJ and Tuttle below:

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