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Piglet Rescued In Blizzard Warms Up To His New Best Friend

When Wee Wee fell off a factory farming truck into a pile of snow, he had no idea he was going to be rescued by a sweet family and brought to a sanctuary for beings just like him.

He also had no idea a rejected runt named Scooter would soon be his new best friend.

Scooter, a Ossabaw piglet just 7 weeks old, was born the runt of the litter on a nearby farm.

At this particular "heritage" farm, female pigs give birth to babies every year for visitors to see. But when the piglets are a few months old, they're sold for slaughter, according to Poplar Spring.

"Little Scooter was rejected by his mother and was bottle raised by the staff, who fell in love with him and didn't want to see him killed. We thought he would be a great playmate for Wee Wee."

After being introduced slowly through a series of playdates, Wee Wee and Scooter warmed up to each other. According to the sanctuary, the two are very much alike. Scooter is "very sweet and friendly, just like Wee Wee, and loves to be petted and scratched."

And Wee Wee and Scooter don't just hang out with their own kind - Evie the goat is frequently included.

It's certainly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Run entirely on donations, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary provides care, rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary for neglected, abused or abandoned farm animals just like Wee Wee.

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