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Piglet Discovers What People Keep Inside These Flat Boxes And FLIPS OUT

He's come a long way since his suspected fall from a factory farm truck. Since his arrival in late January, life has been full of love - and delicious surprises.

One such delicious shock was a large flat box the people at the animal sanctuary brought in during a staff meeting.

Wee Wee, who has become quite the foodie (just like a puppy, he's learned to sit for treats), suspected there was something more to this box.

So, he deployed his little pink snout to inspect.

Inside, he glimpsed the smeared aftermath of a meal people eat ... tomato sauce, vegan cheese, some toppings.

It wasn't half bad ...

... In fact, these leftovers were discovered to be absolutely buonissima!

He may be a small pig, but he's got an appetite as big as his newfound happiness.

Now that he's safe and loved, that's pretty huge.

Run entirely on donations, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary provides care, rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary for neglected, abused or abandoned farm animals just like Wee Wee.

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