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Piglet Rescued From Blizzard Reveals He's Actually A Puppy

A freezing piglet rescued by a family out skiing is warming up to his new life - and showing that he's actually a lap dog.

This week, he's been welcomed to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland, where he'll luckily be able to live a full life - quite a twist of fate considering where he's coming from.

"WeeWee is definitely a lap pig!" Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary posted to Facebook on Friday.

While sleeping on laps, his dreams aren't always sunny. "Yesterday when he was sleeping on Maureen's lap he was having nightmares, and she had to wake him up and comfort him," the sanctuary wrote.

WeeWee has a store of nightmarish experience to draw from, sadly. The little guy was likely on a factory farm truck when he fell off in the quickly accumulating snow during the recent blizzard.

But now, in the safe arms of animal lovers, he's showing his inner puppy.



"When he is not eating or playing he wants to curl up and sleep on our laps."

Just the other day, he sniffed and frolicked like a dog through the snow.

WeeWee's inner canine also comes out in the enthusiasm and curiosity with which he makes new friends.

The truth is, pigs are a lot more like dogs than a lot of people like to admit.

One look at WeeWee, and that's pretty obvious.

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