Tiny Kitten Crawling Across Rainy Road Is Found Just In Time

A tiny gray blob was spotted crawling along the side of the road in a rainstorm. He'd been alive only a few hours, but his mother was nowhere in sight.

So young that his umbilical cord was still attached, Bruce the cat's meager beginnings on this earth did not bode well for his survival - but the life in him was stubborn and refused to succumb to circumstances.

Kathryn van Beek, a local New Zealand resident, spotted the gray blob and knew she had to do something. She checked with her neighbors to see if he belonged to anyone. Soon she found that the cat she'd name Bruce had no one else but her in the world.

This is when Bruce's slow recovery from his near-death on the roadside began. "My mum and dad think that getting up every two hours, smelling like milk all the time and arguing about who is better at getting me to sleep is probably not too dissimilar from being the parent of a human," Bruce "wrote" on the Facebook page dedicated to his progress.

Bruce is eating a lot and gaining his strength.

And when he isn't eating? He's sleeping.

Soon enough, he'll be full of strength and mischief, living the life every cat deserves.

We're so glad he's in good hands.

Follow his recovery here.

Watch what he's probably doing right now below:

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