Rescued Kangaroo Starts Off Each Day With A Hug

World, meet Abigail (or Abi for short) - a sweet kangaroo who loves nothing more than a snuggle.

The affectionate 10 year old was only just a baby when she was rescued as an orphan and hand raised by the caring staff at Australia's Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs. Clearly though, in all the time that's passed since then, she hasn't lost her sense of gratitude.

Indeed, even with her lofty, unofficial title as "Queen" of the sanctuary, Abi is still one thankful 'roo.

Here's a little video showing how she starts each day, seeking out the folks who saved her just to give them a hug.

And there's plenty more where that came from.

Looking through the sanctuary's Facebook page, we see that Abigail has been working on her snuggle game for years. There's perhaps no greater testament to the fact that, when you help an animal in need, the rewards are truly priceless.