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Goat Rescued From Nightmare Butcher Experiences Tiny Christmas Miracle

She came to the sanctuary still pregnant, suffering from sickness and probably terrified after her plight.

Olive was just one of 200 animals rescued from a nightmare butcher in upstate New York back in October.

Since then, she has been recovering at Farm Sanctuary. She has also been approaching the moment when she would bring a baby into the world.

That moment came on Christmas Eve.

People at the sanctuary gathered around Olive to lend their support to her as she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing in at 9 pounds and 6 ounces.

Olive cleaned the just-born baby, who was born among people who devote their lives to rescuing animals.

As the baby took her first uncertain walks, she acquainted herself with her new family - goat and non-goat.

Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

She was suckling hungrily from Olive within just a few minutes.

Olive's baby is one of the luckiest animals in the world.

Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

Rescued just in time from the butcher, she'll be able to live out her whole life at Farm Sanctuary.

"Olive came to us thin, anemic, full of parasites - and pregnant. That she delivered a healthy kid - 9 pounds, 6 ounces and suckling within three minutes! - is what we call a #ChristmasMiracle!" Farm Sanctuary posted on Facebook.

"This just makes me so happy," one commenter wrote on Facebook. "Beautiful baby will know nothing but love, and her Momma will get to raise her! What could be better?"

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