Cow And Pit Bull Escape Nightmare Homes And Become Best Friends

Wesley is tall, dark and handsome - and a hit with the ladies as well.

Sunrise Sanctuary

At the tender age of 6, he stands at an impressive height of 6'4" and weighs between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds - yet one time, when a small cocker spaniel barked at the giant cow, Wesley got so spooked he ran.

Wesley shows off his pearly whites | Sunrise Sanctuary

Wesley is a "big lap dog" with plenty of love to give despite his massive size, Janet Bland, volunteer operations manager at Sunrise Sanctuary in Ohio, told The Dodo. He's known to always be up for a cuddle and loves giving kisses ...

Wesley and his best friend, Chance | Sunrise Sanctuary

... especially to his best friend Chance, a 9-year-old pit bull mix.

Sunrise Sanctuary

But before Wesley became a full-time lover, he was a fighter with his life on the line.

Sunrise Sanctuary

In November 2009, Mindy Mallett, founder of the sanctuary, was on a rescue mission to pick up two turkeys from a farm. Mallett noticed that there were calves held in veal huts and approached one of the calves.

Wesley gives Mallett a good morning kiss. | Sunrise Sanctuary

The calf sucked on her fingers, giving a small kiss - and Mallett simply knew she had to save him. That calf was baby Wesley. Mallett talked the farmer into allowing her to take Wesley home and the rest was history.

Mallett and baby Wesley | Sunrise Sanctuary

Wesley's closest friend, Chance, was also a rescue. At just 6 weeks old he was purchased from a flea market by his first owner. Mallet happened to hear that the man was keeping Chance locked up in a bathroom 24/7 because he couldn't tolerate the dog's puppy antics. She offered to take him into her care in a heartbeat.

Sunrise Sanctuary

As Chance grew older, the dog took a natural liking to him and found a playmate in the bovine.

A younger Chance and Wesley | Sunrise Sanctuary

Since both animals had been taken from their mothers at a young age, they found additional comfort in each other's company.

Sunrise Sanctuary

Even when Wesley started to outgrow his canine companion (by a lot), Chance remained by his side and, today, their friendship is as strong as ever.

Sunrise Sanctuary

"Wesley grew up here at Sunrise Sanctuary and is always one of the first animals people want to meet here when they visit," Bland said.

Wesley making new friends | Sunrise Sanctuary

"He's a gentle giant ... he loves all the attention," she said.

Sunrise Sanctuary

Wesley also has plenty of personality.

Wesley cuddling with Mallett and Bland | Sunrise Sanctuary

For example, he believes he's a master of hide-and-seek. "He thinks he can hide from the vet and peek around the barn and we don't see him," Bland said.

Sunrise Sanctuary

"He also thinks if he turns his head no one can see him," she said.

Sunrise Sanctuary

He's sensitive as well. Bland recalled one time when a goat passed away.

Sunrise Sanctuary

While most of the other animals on the farm were locked up while the death was handled, Wesley was still out and about grazing - and knew something was amiss. "He got really upset and went running everywhere to find all the other animals," Bland said.

Sunrise Sanctuary

"It was like he was afraid they were gone too," she said.

Wesley and his friend, Baby Moo | Sunrise Sanctuary

After all, the 170-plus animals who live at the sanctuary aren't just Wesley's friends, but his family as well.

Sunrise Sanctuary

"He interacts with all the animals here as we just have an open pasture," Bland said.

Sunrise Sanctuary

"He's always the first to greet new animals. He's like the mayor of Sunrise," she said.

Sunrise Sanctuary

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