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Sick Bunny And Rooster Discover How Much They Love Each Other

"Heart melting all over the floor."

Mushu the bunny was rescued from a laboratory with her mom over a year ago. Since then, she's grown up at New Life Animal Sanctuary, in Lake Elsinore, California.

Prince, a rooster, was rescued by the sanctuary around the same time, "from an academic 'science center,'" Gina Lynn, founder of the sanctuary, told The Dodo.

Because both animals had a weak start in life, they recently got sick.

"I have a very sick bunny (Mushu) and a very sick rooster (Prince)," Lynn wrote. "Both have severe head tilts and balance issues and can barely walk, if at all (for different reasons)."

Lynn has been providing around-the-clock care for both of the animals, and she recently put them in a pen together, after coming back to the sanctuary from the veterinarian.

Soon enough, Lynn found a sweet surprise: Mushu and Prince had somehow found their way to each other - and were snuggling. "We got home from the vet last night and found them like this this morning," Lynn wrote.

"Heart melting all over the floor," Lynn said.

Now Lynn gives the best friends their medicine together, all curled up in her lap. It's uncertain how soon they'll get better. Mushu is expected to recover after a few months, but Lynn suspects that Prince has cancer.

But everyone is determined to give him the best life possible, even if his time is cut short. "Our vet has hope and I'll take it!" Lynn said. "We always have to try."

To support Prince and Mushu, and all the animals at the sanctuary, you can make a donation here.

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