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Blind Opossum Who Lost Her Mom Can't Stop Snuggling With Her New Family

"We love her dearly and wouldn't trade our time with her for anything."

When Lucky the opossum was just a baby, her mom was killed, leaving her orphaned and all alone. With no one to protect her, little baby Lucky was attacked by buzzards and almost didn't survive - until her new parents found her and saved her life.

Georgette Renner and her husband were out for a walk one day when they came across Lucky. They rescued her shortly after the buzzard attack and immediately took her home to get her the care she needed.

"They had damaged her ear, face, back and tail severely," Renner told The Dodo. "She was so cold my husband tried to keep her warm in his hands on the way home."

Renner and her husband treated Lucky's wounds and set about caring for her. She was so young that she had to be fed baby formula, and her parents kept her warm by wrapping her in blankets and placing her on a heating pad.

"I had to feed her at least twice an evening like a newborn baby, and she would cry for her bottle," Renner said.

Slowly but surely, Lucky began to grow and heal. As she grew, though, her parents realized that after being attacked, Lucky's vision was permanently damaged.

Because she's blind, Lucky cannot be released back into the wild, and so she's found a permanent home with Renner and her husband. Her new parents love her very much, and are so patient with her as she navigates the world without sight.

"She is very cautious and I hate that she is unable to do what an opossum with good eyesight could, but I feel she knows she's safe with us," Renner said.

Lucky's parents let her sniff and kiss their hands before picking her up or touching her, so she knows it's them and isn't startled or scared. She's very familiar with her house and backyard now, and knows how to get around and where all her favorite spots are. She loves spending time outside ...

... and finding spots to curl up and hide in.

Lucky also loves snuggling with her mom and dad, and seems so grateful to them for rescuing her and giving her a second chance at life.

"We love her dearly and wouldn't trade our time with her for anything," Renner said.