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Rescued Blind Cows Show Each Other How Sweet Life Can Be

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Back in February of 2014 Sweety was rescued from a dairy farm in Canada, where she had spent eight years knowing nothing but fear and isolation, and was due to be slaughtered for meat. She was brought to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. The long journey was especially scary for Sweety because she is blind, and all the new feelings, smells and sounds have been overwhelming.

Luckily, on her very first day at Farm Sanctuary, Sweety met Tricia, who is also a blind cow rescued from slaughter. The two became instant best friends, clearly recognizing something special in each other.

Sweety had spent her whole life sleeping on concrete floors, having baby after baby only to see them taken away immediately. Now, for the first time, she had a cozy place to sleep, plenty of fresh hay ... and a new friend to share it with.

"Within moments, the two cows were gently nuzzling one another and sharing a meal," Farm Sanctuary posted on its website. "By evening, they were nestled together for a night of quiet comfort."


Because the two can't see, they sniffed each other all over. Maybe Tricia smelled something in Sweety that told her this was a new friend who needed some extra comfort. Tricia must have been extra excited to meet someone new because her cow best friend, Linda, had passed away from cancer the year before.

"Companionship is profoundly important to cattle, so it was exciting to think that by giving Sweety a new life, we might also give Tricia another chance to enjoy her own," Farm Sanctuary posted.

Sweety and Tricia met all the way back in February 2014. In the year since they became best friends, Farm Sanctuary has rescued many more cows from lives of fear and exploitation, and given them their own chances to become loving, happy animals. Check them out here.

And watch the whole video of Tricia and Sweety here: