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Rescued Parrot Tells Man To 'Shut The #@$% Up'

The good folks who dedicate their lives to helping animals know that theirs is often thankless work - but as one bird rescuer discovered recently, silence in place of gratitude isn't the worst thing there is to hear.

John Lloyd, who runs Birds Of A Feather Rescue in Northern California, recently took in a rescued Congo African Grey Parrot, named Kayla, to foster until he could find her a home. While the bird's namesake hue might make her seem a tad bland to some, Lloyd soon discovered that she is very colorful in other ways.

Turns out, Kayla can talk. And boy, did she have something to say.

"I was sitting in the chair one evening and I hear 'I gotta poop,'" Lloyd recalled to news station KTVU. "I just looked back and went, 'Go in your cage and poop!' And she says 'Shut the f*** up!' She has a definite potty mouth."

Despite the unwarranted avian tongue-lashing (which Lloyd's wife has been subjected to as well), he's as determined as ever to help Kayla have a happy life. Judging from the harsh language she's evidently picked up from her previous owner, that's something she has been sorely lacking.

In a Facebook post on his rescue's Facebook page, Lloyd is as gracious as can be, hoping with a little guidance and a lot of love, Kayla will soon be singing a more joyful tune - in a forever home with a family who loves her.

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