Traumatized Baby Loris Clings To His Rescuer For Comfort

This slow loris is only 8 weeks old, but he's already spent more time inside a cage than he has in the wild - or even with his mother.

Pasar was cruelly taken from an Indonesian rain forest along with four other slow lorises so that they could be sold as pets.

International Animal Rescue

Slow lorises are known to have a venomous bite, so Pasar's teeth were filed down to make certain that he couldn't fight back or protect himself.

He and the other lorises were taken to an animal market in Jarkata, Indonesia, to be sold. According to the International Animal Rescue (IAR), many slow lorises tend to die after their teeth are cut out.

International Animal Rescue

Who knows how long they may have had, if it weren't for a police raid of the market that occurred in early March.

International Animal Rescue

It was that very raid that brought Pasar and the others to safety at last.

They arrived at the IAR center in Ciapus where vets found the lorises dehydrated, with bleeding, infected mouths. One of the adults was pregnant.

International Animal Rescue

Pasar was deeply affected by his difficult ordeal. The IAR said he and another baby slow loris named Warung were "severely traumatized and constantly crying out for their mothers."

The whereabouts of Pasar's mother are currently unknown. The IAR believes that she might have been caught at the same time as him, but was kept away from him and sold separately.

But the troubles of Pasar's past are far behind him now - and with rehabilitation and care, he'll never have to worry about falling into the hands of a poacher again.

YouTube/International Animal Rescue

Javan slow lorises are a critically endangered species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, largely due to loss of habitat andhigh demand in the exotic pet trade. They're also seen as valuable commodities to use in traditional medicine.

While the Javan slow loris is protected by Indonesian law, due to a lack of urgency surrounding the issue, dealers still sell them in markets without fear of repercussions.

Watch this baby slow loris take comfort in the arms of his rescuers in the clip below:

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