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Rescued Baby Skunks Are Super Stinkin' Adorable

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These six baby skunks were brought to the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington, Washington, earlier this week after their mom was killed. Her tiny babies wouldn't have been able to survive, but luckily a Good Samaritan brought them to Sarvey, where they'll get lots of love and care until they can be released into the wild.

The babies didn't all arrive together. The center posted on Facebook that "First, three arrived - then a couple of hours later 2 more showed up in the area and were brought in by the homeowner. The next day, the last one finally came out from its hiding spot - hungry and alone - it was able to be reunited with its siblings."

The babies have been set up in a cozy box, with some toys for them to climb and play on. As soon as they are big enough, they'll be released into the wild in a safe place.

So, are the rescuers in danger of being "skunked" as they care for the babies? Well, according to the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center, the little skunks can spray, but they're so small that they're not "fully 'loaded' yet."

Hopefully the babies recognize that the humans at the center are just trying to help them grow big and strong - and they'll hold back on their spraying for now.