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Orphaned Baby Fox Gets Love From Her Rescuers

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Little Blondie wouldn't have lasted long without her mom - luckily the orphaned 4-week-old fox kit was spotted in someone's garden and brought to the Scottish SPCA last month.

Now Blondie is safely in the care of wildlife experts, who've given her a name that fits her uniquely light fur.

Here she is enjoying a delicious bowl of ... fox baby food? Whatever it is, she seems to like it.

According to the Scottish SPCA's Facebook page, "Blondie will be released at a carefully selected site with the landowner's permission when she is at the right age and stage to be able to survive on her own in the wild."

But the SPCA cautions that, unlike Blondie, most baby foxes have a mom nearby - even if they appear to be on their own.

"Our advice is that it if you spot a fox cub, it is best to leave them alone if they appear uninjured and in a safe place."