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Tiniest Little Rescue Sisters Are Living Their Best Lives

There are lots of adorable rescue animals on Instagram with precious photos of themselves loving their new lives - but you've still never seen anything like these sisters.

Meet Chisai and Ookie!

These two sugar glider sisters were rescued and now live with their new family in Florida. Chisai and Ookie are the best of friends, and spend most of their time cuddling together ... and posing for Instagram photos.

Sugar gliders are marsupials with a gliding membrane and a tail that acts as a rudder. They have the ability to leap the length of a football field - basically, these little gals are pretty darn cool!

"When they came to us they were underweight, scared and both had severe urinary tract infections," the girls' new mom told The Dodo. While their background is unknown, they were likely rescued from a breeding situation. "Regardless of what their circumstances are, we feel blessed to have them as part of our family now."

Despite looking pretty similar, the girls have VERY different personalities. Ookie loves to be the center of attention and has huge, intense eyes, while Chisai is lazy, sweet and sleepy-eyed.

Even though they're different, the girls still love doing everything together. The life of an adorable sugar glider is a super busy one, of course.

There's hiding to be done ...

... a little bit of questioning everything with those big eyes ...

... some gliding (duh) ...

... a little bit of modeling (because again, those EYES) ...

... and, of course, lots of snuggling and sleeping.

These girls are definitely living the good life, and they're also the most photogenic pair anyone has ever seen.

"It's difficult to describe the way they look at you, and accept you, and how that makes you feel when you finally earn their trust," the girls' mom said. "We find caring for suggies to be an immensely rewarding experience."

Plus, Chisai and Ookie get to snuggle with each other (and their humans) whenever they want. That's definitely the best part.