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Baby Squirrel Abandoned By His Mom Now Has A Family Who Loves Him

When TinTin was only a baby, he fell four stories off a building in Denmark into a garden below. His mom, likely thinking he wouldn't survive, abandoned him. The young squirrel was all alone - until he met Decan Andersen.

Andersen lived in the building TinTin fell from, and when he saw that the baby's mother had left him behind, he knew he had to help him.

Andersen's cat, Coco, immediately fell in love with TinTin, and began cleaning him up and snuggling with him to keep him warm as soon as she met him. Somehow, Coco knew TinTin was meant to be a part of their family.

TinTin was wounded from his fall, and so Andersen took him to the vet to get him patched up. To keep him from scratching at his wounds, Andersen created little sweaters out of socks for him to wear.

Extremely effective, and extremely adorable.

As TinTin grew, he needed round-the-clock bottle-feedings and lots of attention, and his new family was more than happy to comply.

It soon become clear that TinTin had spent too much time being raised by humans to be released into the wild, and so he became a permanent member of the Andersen family.

"The red squirrel is a endangered species in many counties, and their for illegal to capture and hold as pets," Andersen wrote. "But under Tintin's special circumstances, I've gotten exclusive permission from the Danish wildlife preservation to care and nurse for Tintin, till the ends of his days, in a good 15 to 20 years from now."

To keep TinTin safe, Andersen takes him for walks on a leash ...

... which he seems to love ...

... a lot.

He also loves to take naps in Andersen's pockets, where he fits quite perfectly.

TinTin is a very playful and happy squirrel, and loves to play games with his family ...

... munch on his favorite snacks ...

... and hang out with his cat siblings.

If Andersen hadn't stepped up and rescued TinTin that day, the little guy likely would not have made it. Instead, he's now living the kind of life dreams are made of, and he deserves every minute of it.

If you find an orphaned or injured animal, be sure to contact a local rescue or rehabber. Click here to find out what to do.

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