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It's The Perfect Time To Rescue A Shelter Pet

Celebrate kindness.

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The ballots may have all been cast - but you can still do more to change the world for the better.

Whether your preferred candidate won or lost, you wouldn't be alone if that long presidential race has left you feeling more than a little drained or despondent. Fortunately, there is a way to chase away those post-election blues, and no better day to do it.

Rescue a shelter pet, and let kindness prevail.

By welcoming a new animal companion into your home, not only will you be saving a life, you'll be changing your own for the better. Studies have shown that having a pet around reduces stress, while at the same time increasing an overall feeling of well-being - and we can all use a bit of that right now.

But the benefits don't stop there.

Pets can help battle depression, boost immune function, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and even make their humans more active and social. The greatest benefit of all, however, may be harder to measure.

Indeed, having a furry friend to greet in the morning, and await your return at the end of the day, is perhaps the best reminder that what matters most is having love and acceptance, especially at a time when those things might feel so hard to come by.

Best of all, adopting a pet (rather than shopping for one) is an even bigger win for them. Every year, some 7.6 million companion animals wind up in shelters across the country - and all too many of those are euthanized before ever meeting the person for whom they would have been the perfect fit.

Click here to find an adoptable pet in your area, or contact your local shelter for other ways to help.