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Rescue Pig Meets Dog Next Door ... And Falls In Love

Sometimes, against all odds, it's simply love at first sight.

Piper the pig was rescued after being abandoned in the cold and adopted into a loving family a few weeks ago. She's living her best life now, with all the toys, blankets, and love she could ever want - and has even made a few lifelong friends.

Piper has new pig siblings whom she loves very much, but when she met the tiny puppy who lives next door to her, she made sure they were soon best friends.

Piper just couldn't stop playing and snuggling with her new friend, and refused to leave her side. The two friends are the perfect size for each other, and fit together quite well when taking naps.

If it were up to Piper, she and her new friend would probably never be apart ... but at least she just lives right next door.

Besides her new puppy friend, Piper also falls in love with pretty much everyone she meets.

From a friendly lizard ...

To her favorite toy ...

Piper just loves EVERYONE - and everyones seems to love Piper right back.

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