Rescue Pig Can't Stop Running ... Until She Feels Her New Blanket

Piper the piglet started life abandoned in the cold, all alone with no one to love her. Since being rescued, Piper has been given everything she could ever want - and she's just a little overexcited about it all.

Three weeks ago, a Tennessee family known for rescuing pigs got a call about a piglet in need of a home. The family immediately opened up their home to Piper, and no one could be happier about it - especially Piper.

Piper LOVES to run around and play, but she does have one weakness ... blankets. Extra soft, snuggly blankets are something that Piper simply cannot resist ...

And make her stop running ...


And drop right to the ground.


Piper simply LOVES her snuggly blankets.

It doesn't matter which one it is ...

Or if it comes in sweater form ...

Piper will love it all the same ... and anything soft, for that matter.

Enjoy your cuddly new life, Piper!

Check out the full video of Piper and her blanket below: