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Gigantic Rescue Pig Thinks He's Just One Of The Dogs

He even steals their beds.

<p><a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BI7nWR6AAun/" target="_blank">Instagram/piggypoo_and_crew</a></p>

Chowder is a potbellied pig who lives with his five siblings ...

... who all just so happen to be dogs.

Chowder and his siblings all live together with their mom and are the best of friends. They love hanging out together inside ...

... outside ...

... and in the kitchen, where they're most likely to get treats, of course.

They have a lot of friends, too, and always welcome everyone who comes by into their adorable little squad.

Chowder is definitely the leader of his squad ...

... even though sometimes he can't be bothered to pose for group pictures. Clearly he's got stuff to do.

Chowder and his siblings love to hang out together, and the dogs have accepted Chowder as one of their own. To them, he's not a pig - he's their brother.

Chowder thinks he's just one of the dogs ...

... and he certainly acts like one of them, too.

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