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Rescue Pig And His Dog Do Everything Together (Literally)

Meet pals Fella the pig and Stanley the dog!

Fella was rescued from a sausage farm in Essex, England. Even though he and Stanley are now best friends, Fella was pretty apprehensive about his new life at first.

Fella was so scared when he was first adopted that wouldn't go near his new family for six weeks. Now, Fella knows that they just want to love him.

In addition to Stanley, Fella lives with his mom, dad and two other dog brothers - Benny and Teddy - as well as the newest member of their family, another smaller pig named Bobby.

Fella is a whole lot bigger than his pal Stanley, but that has never stopped the two brothers from having lots of adventures together, all documented by their mom on Fella's Instagram account.

These two unlikely brothers like to get into all sorts of trouble together ...

... like exploring outside ...

... taking side by side naps ...

... and, imitating each other, as brothers like to do.

Of course, the pair doesn't always agree - especially when it comes to the couch. Stanley thinks Fella might be a couch hog ...

... and it's much easier when there's more than one couch to go around.

Sometimes though, Fella makes room for Stanley on his couch - because that's what best friends do.