Rescue Kitten Raised By Her 6 Ferret Older Brothers

When Komari was finally rescued, all she wanted was a human to love her, and she finally got that - plus six ferret older brothers.

Komari was found when she was just 5 weeks old, according to Reddit user MichaelMankus. She was sick and starving, and her rescuers knew they had to help her.

Komari's rescuers took her home ... where the ferrets were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new little sister.

While Komari's new humans helped to nurse her back to health, so did her new brothers. The ferrets were extremely welcoming of Komari, and she quickly became a member of their little squad.

As a kitten, Komari and the boys did pretty much everything together.

From group cuddle puddle naps ...

To family dinners ...

To just being goofy together.

The group of seven became inseparable. Even as Komari grew, nothing really changed. She was still their sister, no matter how big she got.

They still had family dinners ...

And group nap sessions.

Now that Komari is bigger, she is able to protect her ferret brothers just like they protected her as a tiny kitten. Of course, they're still pretty protective of her too, no matter how big she gets.

Komari started her life as a sickly kitten living on the streets, and now she has the biggest, most unique family there ever was, and she couldn't be happier about it.