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Rescue Hen Makes Herself Comfortable In Cat Retirement Home

<p> Photo: Plymouth Herald </p>

If you were a hen looking for a roommate, chances are you wouldn't choose a group of cats - but that's exactly what Martha the chicken did.

Martha was adopted from a British welfare organization by the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plympton, U.K. At Woodside, the chickens are free to roam the grounds as they please. The rescued chickens were used as battery hens, so the wide open spaces are a welcome change.

Martha ventured a bit farther than the others and wandered into "Sunnyside" - the retirement unit for elderly cats who are not eligible for adoption, but who call Woodside their forever home.

Much to the cats' surprise, Martha walked right in and made herself at home.

(Plymouth Herald)

"It's quite unusual because most of the hens seem to have an invisible boundary line that they don't cross, but when it's been windy and raining recently Martha has been pottering in and out of Sunnyside,"says Lisa Darcy, assistant manager at Woodside. "Now she has found there's a nice warm bed where she can go in and lay eggs."


But, of course, no roommate situation is perfect, and sometimes Martha has to politely ask the curious cats to STAY AWAY from her eggs.

(Plymouth Herald)

Says Lisa,"If the cats annoy her she tells them off, especially when she's got one of her eggs in there, and we can hear her clucking."


One thing's for certain: Martha the chicken is totally making waves (and new friends!) with her adventurous attitude. The bonus? She's got an extra warm little nest to keep both herself and her precious eggs cozy.

Though Martha's cat friends in the "Sunnyside" house are not available for adoption, Woodside is home to 63 unwanted cats, many of whom are looking for homes. Check out the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust page for more info!