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Smart Baby Elephant Learns The Cutest New Skill

Moyo the baby elephant was rescued when she was only a few days old, after being swept down a river away from her family, and brought to the Wild Is Life sanctuary in Zimbabwe. Moyo has learned all kinds of things during her time at the sanctuary - but her latest accomplishment might just be the cutest.

The now 2-year-old baby elephant just recently learned how to hold her own bottle, a skill she is clearly very proud of!

Moyo seems to love the fact that she can feed herself on her own now, and it's so sweet to see how much confidence she's gained since being rescued.

As of last week, it's been 2 years since Moyo was rescued and brought to Wild Is Life. She's come a long way since then, and caused a lot of mischief around the sanctuary. She's made her mark on the lives of her rescuers, and I'm sure they are just as proud as she is to see how far she's come.

Check out a video tribute to Moyo's time at the sanctuary below: