Dog Gets Special 'Taxi' To Shuttle Him Around Hospital After Surgery

Sometimes, even animals need a lift.

A dog named Barkley recently became such a rider after getting rescued earlier this year. After examining Barkley, North Shore Animal League America learned the happy, healthy-looking dog had a serious heart condition requiring vital surgery.

Fortunately, Barkley made it through the procedure without losing his cheerful demeanor, leaving even his doggy cardiologist "on the verge of tears."

"He did remarkably well," Dr. Donald Schrope told the animal shelter. "This dog is amazing!!!"

While recovering from the procedure, Barkley needed a way to get around.

Luckily, Hospital staff had the perfect ride: a recommissioned shopping cart.

It will still be a while before Barkley is healed and ready to find a new home. Until then, he'll be cruising in style.

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