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Rescue Dog With Rough Past Can Always Tell When His Family Is Upset

"He pays close attention to our moods and is very worried when we are stressed."

Ollie was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles when he was only 3 months old. He was a nervous little puppy, and had clearly already been through so much at such a young age. Animal control officers took him to the North Central Animal Shelter, where he soon met the best family he could possibly ask for.

Ollie's family adopted him shortly after he was rescued, and couldn't have been more overjoyed to welcome such a sweet puppy into their lives. Soon after he arrived home, however, Ollie got very sick - but that didn't stop him from settling in and loving every moment of his new life.

"It took him a few weeks to get over some illnesses he got while living on the streets and being in the shelter," Liz, Ollie's mom, told The Dodo. "Even though he was sick, he adjusted wonderfully. I think he finally felt safe in his forever home."

Ollie's family doesn't know anything about his past, but he has a few quirks that suggest his first few months on Earth weren't easy. He is terrified of loud noises, and is not at all a fan of buses or loud construction sites. Due to his his rough past, Ollie is a little more intuitive than most dogs, though, and seems to always be able to tell when members of his family are feeling down.

"Ollie is very smart and attentive; he pays close attention to our moods and is very worried when we are stressed," Liz said. "He's super playful, loves treats, and is happy and content being included on daily adventures."

Because of his rough start, Ollie always seems extra grateful being included on family outings or adventures, and he and his family have traveled all over the U.S. trying to find the best dog-friendly spots. His favorite place to go is definitely the beach, and he's never stressed when he's running and playing in the sand and surf.

Since being rescued, Ollie has grown into a very unique-looking little dog ...

... especially when it comes to his awesome hair.

"He's definitely a mutt," Liz said. "Jack russell and mini-poodle make the list."

Despite where he came from, Ollie is a happy, outgoing little dog who is so grateful to his family for taking him in and giving him such a great life - even if he doesn't always remember to show it.

"He can also be very stubborn - he knows a list of commands, but if he doesn't want to listen, he'll pretend he can't hear you," Liz said.