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Dog Rescued From Death Row Greets Her Dad Like This Every Day

He loves her just as much.

Rescuing a pet on death row at a shelter might seem like a one-time event for their new families - but in the eyes of a formerly unloved animal, being adopted into a forever home is like having their life saved every single day.

That's a truth this pup named Peanut appears to know well.

"Peanut is about 1 year old. She was adopted after spending 12 days in a kill shelter," YouTuber user Eric Fox wrote online. "She was deathly afraid of everything when she got to her new home. In the first two weeks she quickly became the big baby in the house and LOVES dad!"

So much so, in fact, here's how the grateful dog greets him each day after work.

There are countless pets in shelters who are also hoping to find a good home with people to love on.

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