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Rescue Dog Experiences Snow For The First Time Ever, Is Delighted

Link, a 2-year-old rescue dog from California, had never experienced snow. He arrived in Calgary, Canada - and all of a sudden, this pup is frolicking in a winter wonderland!

Most dogs love snow because it's fun to play with and allows them to manipulate something in their environment, much like digging or jumping into a pile of leaves.

Link is so stoked, he makes a lovely figure-8 in the backyard.

Spinning, spinning, spinning in celebration!

Even when he's about to go back inside, Link thinks better of it and takes another victory lap around the yard.

Magical powers of snow: confirmed.

Watch the full discovery below:

(YouTube: Melissa Murtagh)

If you want to adopt an awesome stray dog like Link, visit ASPCA's website!