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Rescue Dog Loses His Mind When His New Dad Comes Home

Patch the Staffordshire terrier was adopted from the Scottish SPCA last year, and ever since then he and his new forever family have been inseparable. Patch is especially close to his dad, Mark, and hates to be apart from him.

When Mark recently had to go away for a week, Patch waited patiently for him to come back, because he knew that he would. When Mark finally walked through that door again, Patch was ready - and completely lost his mind at seeing his best friend again.

Patch knew that Mark would come back eventually, but that still didn't stop him from being over the moon at his return. Patch went from being homeless to having the best family in the world, and that's clearly something that he never plans to take for granted.

Congrats on your forever family, Patch! You deserve this.