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Rescue Dog Gets His Very Own Bed, Takes It EVERYWHERE

When a dog is rescued and then finally adopted, he goes from having absolutely nothing to everything he could ever want. It's no surprise that most rescue dogs don't take a single thing for granted - even the little things.

Mr. Fry was adopted from the Arizona Greyhound Rescue, and now serves as a therapy dog at Sunrise Senior Living. When he's not being the perfect companion, Mr. Fry likes to find that perfect patch of sun to sleep in ... and will take his bed anywhere he needs to in order to get it.

Mr. Fry also likes to bring his bed to wherever his favorite humans are, so he can enjoy their company while being comfy.

This sweet greyhound used to have nothing, and now he has warmth, love, and a cozy bed - and really, what more could anyone need?

To donate to Arizona Greyhound Rescue, you can check out its website for more information.