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Rescue Cows Fell In Love The Moment They Met

Dudley and Destiny are two rescue cows who could not be more different if they tried - and they're also the very best of friends.

The 2-year-old cows live at The Gentle Barn, a farm sanctuary in Tennessee, and both came from farms where they were being raised for slaughter.

Dudley was taken from his mom when he was only a baby and sent to a ranch without her. While there, he got his foot tangled in some twine, which cut off the circulation and caused him to eventually lose his entire foot.

In a moment of compassion, the farmer in charge of Dudley decided not to send him to slaughter, and to instead get him the help he needed. He contacted The Gentle Barn, which was able to fit Dudley with a prosthetic foot with the help of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Now Dudley can run and play like he never could before, and is loving every minute of it.

"Dudley will spend the rest of his life at The Gentle Barn Tennessee giving hope and inspiration to children and adults with physical challenges of their own," Andrea Burritt of The Gentle Barn told The Dodo.

Destiny was born with an umbilical cord infection that affected her right front leg, but the vet didn't want to give her antibiotics because she lived on a beef ranch and was meant to be eaten.

In another moment of compassion, Destiny's farmer decided to help her heal, and bonded with her during that process and didn't want to see her killed. She contacted The Gentle Barn, which immediately said it would take her.

"Destiny will need ongoing acupuncture, massage therapy and ultrasound on her fused elbow to build muscle and keep her walking," Burritt said.

Both Dudley and Destiny arrived at the sanctuary last June, and the rescue always knew they would be the perfect pair.

"Dudley and Destiny could not be more opposite," Burritt said. "Dudley is very silly, social and like a big, happy giant puppy. He loves people and he loves all the other animals. Destiny is very independent and sassy. She's had to be a fighter since the day she was born and she still feels the need to show how tough she is."

Dudley knew he and Destiny were meant to be together as soon as he saw her.

"With Dudley and Destiny, it was love at first moo," Burritt said. "They began talking to each other the moment we opened the trailer to unload Destiny. Dudley watched her coming out and could tell she was very nervous. He would call out to her as if he was telling her it was OK. When she finally got out of the trailer, she went straight to him and they nuzzled and continued talking. Since that day they have been inseparable."

The pair are clearly so in love, and do absolutely everything together. Even though Dudley is naturally more outgoing and playful, he always makes sure to check up on Destiny and make sure she's OK. When she gets nervous around people, he's there to comfort her, and she knows she's always safe with him by her side.

"When she is with Dudley she lets her guard down," Burritt said.

Dudley and Destiny have stalls right across from each other, and are constantly having conversations across the hall. They play together, graze together and even groom each other. It's as if they know that they've both been through so much.

And this weekend, the sanctuary is going to help Dudley and Destiny finally make their love official - by marrying them. It's the perfect happy ending.

Check out a video about Dudley and Destiny's love below: