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Rescue Chicken Finds The Best Way To Play With 2-Legged Dog

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A Chihuahua and a fluffy chicken may not seem like a natural match, but these two rescued pals are inseparable - and everywhere they go they prove that it's cool to be different.

Penny and Roo have made headlines before, but now they're back in the news with an adorable new video.


Roo was abandoned in a ditch, probably because he was born with only two legs, and Penny the Silkie chicken was rescued from a testing facility when she was only a few weeks old.

They became fast friends as soon as they met. Maybe each could sense that the other had been through some tough stuff.

Now the two live with their adopted mom, Alicia Williams, who even takes the duo with her every day to the animal hospital where she works.

Roo has a specially fitted wheelchair, but Penny doesn't mind. She actually likes to roll around on the back of it. And in return, Roo doesn't judge Penny for randomly laying eggs sometimes. That's true friendship.


Even though Williams has tried to introduce Penny to other chickens in hopes that she'll feel part of a flock, Penny prefers Roo's company. Maybe she thinks he's just a furry, wheeled chicken.

Roo and Penny are completely inspirational - even after everything they've each been through, they live their lives with lots of joy, love and hilarious hijinks.

Their mom keeps up a Facebook page with lots of updates about the pair.


Watch more of their story here: