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Rejoice In This Hummingbird's Glorious Little Rain Bath


No matter what species you are, the joy of romping around in a rain shower is underappreciated, the silver lining to a rainy day. This hummingbird knows that best - he uses the most extravagant fountain for his bath ... a leafy bush.

He's ever so careful not to slip ...

Hummingbirds are known for their graceful composure during rainstorms - there was a study published in 2012 to test how they fared under a barrage of raindrops. The researchers observed birds feeding under light, medium and heavy amounts of rain, finding that despite a slight increase in the number of wing-beats a bird had to take to stay in flight, they could still maintain control in the heaviest rains.

This little guy can attest to just that.

Clearly, a little rain never hurt anyone.

See the full video below: