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New Photos Show Refugee Cat Loving Life Back With His Family

When they fled Iraq and lost their beloved cat in Greece, Kunkush's family thought they'd probably never see him again.

But they were wrong.

As they were settling in Norway, little did they know some volunteers - Ashley Anderson and Amy Shrodes, who found Kunkush and named him Dias - were determined to reunite him with his family.

"The story is much more than just a story about a cat," Ashley Anderson, one of the volunteers, told The Dodo before the family was found. "I want there to be, in the suffering and pain, a little beacon of hope. I really want to find this family."

Miraculously, after months of searching, there really was hope. The family's new neighbor saw the story about Dias and told the family it looked like it might be their lost cat.

And it was.

A short plane ride later - from Germany, where the cat was being fostered, to Norway - Kunkush is finally back where he belonged all along.

Now, new photos show Kunkush happily adjusting to life in colder climates ...

... with his warm family.

He even likes the snow.

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