Woman Finds Injured Hawk In Her Yard And Saves His Life

Now he has the cutest little bandages to help him heal.

Last month, a woman noticed something strange.

She saw a fallen bird in her horse pasture. It didn't take her long to realize that the bird, a red-tailed hawk, was struggling - clearly unable to fly. Knowing that she couldn't simply leave him, the woman chased down the bird with gloves on and a towel in her hands.

Once she scooped him up into her arms, she immediately took him to the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, based in Petaluma, California.

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

"For rescues of raptors we would normally send a trained rescue volunteer as they can pose a danger to a person and themselves if handled improperly," Danielle Mattos, animal care director at the rescue, told The Dodo. Mattos said that, thankfully, the woman had volunteered at The Bird Rescue Center previously, and had the experience needed to transport the hawk safe and sound.

Following an X-ray and medical examination, the upsetting reason behind why the hawk couldn't fly was made crystal clear: He had been shot, and still had a pellet embedded in one of his wings, leaving damaged bone in its wake.

The hawk getting an X-ray | Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

"Unfortunately these injuries are all too common, and such pellets are not traceable or prosecutable," the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

A brief procedure was performed to remove the pellet and close up the wound.

"After about six weeks in a wing wrap, the bone has since healed well," Sonoma County wrote on Facebook. "The hawk is now out of its bandages, slowly regrowing feathers and gradually regaining strength."

The healing wing | Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Of course, the hawk's rescuers couldn't resist giving him a bit of flair as he heals, and wrapped up his injured wing in the cutest bandages. The hope is that once the hawk fully heals, he'll be able to return to the wild, and more importantly, be able to fly freely once again.

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

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