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Red neck fucks! I hope they are all blown off the earth by a massive tornado

The Admins of this page would like to provide an update on where things currently stand. We'd like to assure you that we may not be posting a whole lot but we are working around the clock and will not back down until there is justice. Thank you for your support. Yesterday these officials (who are under pressure from negative publicity) opened the shelter to a small group of volunteers. Cecil had already rushed in after the video began circulating and cleaned the shelter, getting rid of any evidence. We have no idea where the body of Aurora is. There were photos taken with volunteers and the remaining 4-5 dogs left at the pound. Remember, these are the same local volunteers that have not been allowed to help in the past. They are now saying that they will work with rescues but we are not sure in what capacity. There has been NO ADMISSION OF GUILT ON THE DEATH AND ABUSE OF THE MANY DOGS AND CATS over the years he (Cecil Richards) has been employed as ACO. This is our response to the Mayor of Idabel (Tina Foshee-Thomas), The Idabel Police Department and ACO Cecil Richards: You have called yourself a progressive city of Oklahoma, as stated on your website description. But in fact, you have proven through your non actions and complicity you are the exact OPPOSITE of progressive. You have shown you run this town as if it were 200 years ago by protecting your ACO Cecil Richards and covering up his cruelty, disregard and blatant lack of effort on the job that the citizens of Idabel's tax dollars pay for. The video images of cruelty go beyond what happened Tuesday January 13th, 2015. Cecil Richards' cruelty to animals has spanned decades over his employment as ACO of the Idabel pound. We have documented proof of this as well as witnesses. We are calling on state and federal agencies as well as The Humane Society, The Department of Agriculture and the ASPCA to file charges, and we are outlining why this needs to happen NOW. The mayor's dismissal that this is a "misunderstanding" does not suffice nor qualify as a satisfactory response. No punitive actions have been taken from her or the police. Points that qualify towards investigation include: -Cecil Richards' log record of all animals that have come into the pound either voluntarily or picked up locally, followed up by the result and action taken by Mr. Richards. -Reports of citizens of Idabel waiting around for hours, sometimes even days for Mr. Richards to show up and either let them look for their animals or adopt, both of which he has refused to allow from multiple witnesses. -Dogs and cats dying, starving and freezing to death. Cecil Richards rarely makes a trip to the pound to check on the animals there or feed them. -Reports of inmates being taken out of the local jail to handle the dogs Cecil considers "vicious." -Investigation of numerous reports of a police shooting range behind the pound where animals are executed as target practice for the police force's amusement. -Local veterinarian records of any humane euthanasia or treatment performed on any of the animals received into this municipal pound. -Details on how and when and who dropped off "Aurora" the puppy being seen eating on the video and how her corpse was disposed of before an investigation could take place. -Aurora's corpse was cleanly cut open, how this can have happened from a so called "aggressive" pit that was later adopted and deemed to have no aggressive tendencies or actions. How does a span of 2 hours constitute a dead dog carcass to be completely cut open with no internal organs remaining? -Cats being left in traps so small they cannot move and then being disposed of by drowning. -Temperatures dropping to 20 degrees or below at night and dogs and cats having no heat or cover from the elements inside. Filthy kennels covered in urine and feces. -No food bowls and volunteers sneaking in to throw food in the kennels. -Burning of animals bodies after they are found dead or shot to death by Mr. Richards or the police. -Dogs being locked in the steel "lockbox" of Mr. Richards' truck bed for days until they are dead from starvation, the heat or the cold. -Full investigation of any city officials covering his negligent actions or participation in the shooting or knowingly ignoring neglect and abuse. Cecil Richards must be removed from his position as ACO, never to be associated or work for any entity of the government that includes animals in any way. Until charges are filed, a full investigation is underway, we have satisfactory answers and JUSTICE IS SERVED for #Aurora and all the animals who have lost their lives and suffered heinous deaths, we WILL NOT turn our backs or step away from finding THE TRUTH. https://www.change.org/p/hsus-us-dep-agriculture-aspca-oklahoma-officials-govener-senator-congressman-fire-and-prosecute-to-the-fullest-extent-animal-control-officer-cecil-richards-for-animal-abuse-cruelty-and-neglect