Retired Greyhounds Deserve Your Love. Here's Why.

<p> <a href="">Flicker/eddiemcfish</a> </p>
<p> <a href="">Flicker/eddiemcfish</a> </p>

Dog racing is a dying sport in America - and that means many soon-to-be former racing greyhounds will need to find cozy and loving homes to retire in. Fortunately, there are dozens of rescue organizations throughout the United States devoted to connecting people with these lovable animals.

Here are seven very good reasons why you should consider adopting a retired greyhound.

1. They're very laid-back pets.


Contrary to their reputation as restless athletes, greyhounds are actually considered low-energy dogs.

2. They're super loving ...


As any owner of a retired greyhound will tell you, the breed is exceptionally sweet and affectionate, relishing in warm companionship - something they may have been denied during their careers.

3. ... and funny, too.


Just look at that face!

4. They're adorable when they sleep ...


Napping greyhounds are known to prefer a rather comical sort of posture called "cockroaching" - lying on their backs with their spindly limbs aimed to the heavens.

5. ... and also majestic when awake.


As honed athletes, greyhounds have a very distinctive, streamlined-look. They are typically large dogs, but their temperament makes them ideal pets, even for people living in apartments or smaller homes.

6. They're from a noble stock.

(Happy Greyhound)

Greyhounds' lineages can sometimes be traced back hundreds of years.

7. They just want a happy life, after all.


All dogs should have a forever home, but retired greyhounds are especially deserving. Animals forced to participate in the dog racing industry are routinely subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment, and they're regarded more as props than living beings.

You have the chance to change that. To learn more about adopting a retired greyhound, visit Grey2K USA's page here.