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Scared, Trapped Rat Shows Up On Woman's Doorstep

One distressed rat just caught the luckiest break ever.

On Sunday, a homeowner in Mississippi woke up to the unusual guest sitting on her doorstep.

Wild at Heart Rescue

The most upsetting part was that she was stuck in a trap, with no means of getting out on her own. The homeowner, who did not set down any traps herself, immediately knew that she had to take the rat to get help - and she knew whom to call.

She contacted Jamie Pope, a wildlife rehabilitator with Wild at Heart Rescue, and brought the trapped animal to her. Pope was able to free the rat by dousing her in olive oil and allowing the trap to sit long enough that it became easy to peel the frightened animal off.

Wild at Heart Rescue

The question as to how the rat managed to end up on someone's doorstep in the first place is still a mystery.

"What [rats] do is when they get stuck [is] they fight and wiggle so much that they can actually move themselves from one place to another," the rescue wrote on Facebook.

"I do not know," Pope told The Dodo. "The only thing I can think of is that somebody put her at her door to take care of her. I honestly don't know, because she was firmly caught."

After the rat was freed from the trap, Pope gave her a bath to clean the glue and oil off her. Then, she was placed in a cage with food and water while she got dry. Luckily for her, she was released on the same day.

Wild at Heart Rescue

Pope mentioned that one time she had to deal with a cardinal who had gotten caught in a glue trap - that bird had lost his feathers and took a much longer time to recover. She noted that the rat was fortunate to be spared such a fate.

"She didn't have any visible injuries," Pope said. "She was quite calm until she got loose. Then she was like, 'I don't want you anymore, leave me alone, let me go.'"

Wild at Heart Rescue

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