Woman Adopts Rat ... And Ends Up Raising The Tiniest Babies

Some of the best gifts come as a complete surprise ... like a litter of baby rats.

On Friday, an Imgur user shared photos of the rat pups she unknowingly took in several years ago.

"In December 2004, I adopted two pet rats from my local animal shelter," wrote user giantsquid on the site. "Nobody noticed that one of them was pregnant."

Soon, she was caring for half a dozen baby rats that "looked much like marzipan piglets."

In just a few weeks, however, the rats grew into curious little "plushies."

"Hammocks are the best!" wrote giantsquid. "This one was just a guest towel with string tied to the corners."

Rats might not have the best reputation, but animal lovers know they make wonderful pets.

"I kept them all and just got a way bigger cage," wrote giantsquid. "These rats were the friendliest and cuddliest I've ever met."

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