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Rare Albino Kangaroo Spotted In Australian Outback

Park rangers in Australia's Namadgi National Park recently spotted an unusual specimen hopping along with a group of the Outback's more recognizable denizens -- this rare albino kangaroo. While an all-white appearance occurs in just one out of tens of thousands of offspring, what's more remarkable to wildlife officials is how it managed to survive childhood despite being such an easy-to-spot opportunity for predators.

"The whole thing about natural selection is that you want to blend in. Grey kangaroos are grey for a reason – they blend in with the rest of the environment," says Park ranger Brett McNamara.

Differences aside, the albino juvenile appears to be fully-accepted within the kangaroo community, McNamara notes, a fact that played no small part in its survival.

"It's literally a face in the mob. They do form very close-knit mobs within that valley."

[Via The Sydney Morning Herald]